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Kevin MacGregor
Lead Mortgage Planner | AMP

Hello and thanks for visiting my website, I’m Kevin MacGregor, the Calgary Mortgage Guy. As you can probably guess, if you live in Calgary or surrounding areas and you need a mortgage, I’m your guy. Here’s a bit about me. I have been working professionally in banking and mortgage financing for over 20 years. I worked as a Financial Planner in my early 20’s then moved to Scotiabank in the 90's and worked my way into Management before making the transition to mortgage specialist with a division of CIBC in 2004.

I realized the need of professional advice after some poor advice from my banker that led to penalty costs when I sold a home. I then researched companies in the mortgage business and chose and was chosen by Mortgage Architects in 2009. I specialize in residential mortgage financing and work with real-estate investors, self-employed individuals and first-time home buyers.

I have helped hundreds of happy homeowners, investors and friends since the start of my career. I take a no-nonsense approach to mortgages and my goal is to provide you with the straight goods. I provide you with multiple mortgage options from all 35+ lenders I work with and the information to make the decision that is right for you. I take great satisfaction in saving my clients money and negotiating with lenders to get my clients the best deal possible. My goal is to have your trust to be your Mortgage Planner for Life

On a personal note, I am married with a young family and together we enjoy spending time outside. I golf, eat good food and love traveling to warm destinations. Calgary is my backyard and I have attended school in the area since my family relocated here in 1977 from Northern Alberta. I’m one of those rare native Albertans.


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Mortgage Services

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    Home Purchase

    If you are looking to purchase a property, understanding all the mortgage options available to you can seem overwhelming. That’s where I come in. I do this everyday, and I love it. I will help you make sense of all the numbers and provide you with options that make sense to your specific financial situation and arrange the mortgage that meets your goals.

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    Real Estate Investors

    Whether you are a professional real estate investor with 100 properties or you are looking to purchase your first rental, I have the expertise to help you better manage your portfolio. As qualifying for financing becomes more difficult, it is increasingly important to partner with the right mortgage financing professional, someone who can provide you with options. That is exactly what I do, and I would love to work with you.

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    Before you go out and start shopping for a new house, you need a plan. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time buying a home or your hundredth, financial situations change, rules change, interest rates change. The best place to start is with a preapproval, so you know exactly how much buying power you have. I can help you with that.

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    Are you looking to access some of the equity built up in your property? Maybe you want to consolidate some debts, start a new business, buy a vacation or investment property… regardless, I can discuss all your mortgage refinancing options with you! Sometimes it even makes sense to refinance your mortgage early to save money long term!

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    The best time to start looking at renewing your existing mortgage is 120 days before your maturity date. If your existing lender has sent you a renewal offer in the mail, the first thing you should do is send it to me so I can give you a second opinion. Never just sign the offer, there is always room to negotiate, and I am here to help you so that you don’t have to do those negotiations alone!

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    And More...

    Obviously there are a lot more services I can offer and a lot more information I can share with you. Consider this my invitation to contact me with your questions, I would love to work with you and help you figure out a plan not only to get you a mortgage, but to help you get rid of it. Talk soon!

55+ and looking for solutions to enhance your lifestyle?
I offer multiple options including Reverse Mortgages, HELOC, standard and private financing to find the right retirement mortgage option for you.

<span style="color:rgba(66, 148, 194, 1)"><strong>55+ and looking for solutions to enhance your lifestyle?</strong></span>
I've developed excellent relationships with many lenders across the country. Let's figure out which one has the best product for you.

Get pre-qualified in under 60 Seconds!
Pre-qualification, stress-test your mortgage, estimate your closing costs, compare your options side-by-side, and more.

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